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Notice: Formosa Medical Travel is not currently facilitating medical tourism for new patients. At this time, all inquiries should be directed to the Taiwan Task Force for Medical Travel.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery


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taiwan medical tourismIn cooperation with the Taiwan Task Force for Medical Travel


Formosa Medical Travel, a medical tourism agency owned and operated by Americans, works in facilitating high-quality, low-cost medical care in Taiwan. We work with some of the finest medical tourism hospitals in Asia, most of which are accredited by Joint Commission International, the highest standard in hospital accreditation. As a Taiwan-based company working closely with Taiwan's doctors, hospitals, and government organizations, we are a medical tourism company that can offer an unparalleled level of service and expertise to patients seeking surgery abroad.


While surgery costs have increased dramatically in the United States as a result of inefficiencies in American medical care, Taiwan's healthcare system has evolved into one of the finest in the world. With doctors trained and educated in the United States, medical technology that exceeds the highest standards, and an unmatched culture of compassion and caring, Taiwan is now a major player in the global healthcare market, and is fast becoming one of the world's top medical tourism destinations. Health travel to countries outside the United States has experienced significant growth, primarily because receiving medical treatment abroad at an international medical facility is significantly less expensive, and many people often turn their surgical trip into a medical vacation. Medical tourists willing to pursue healthcare abroad can realize substantial savings of more than 75%.


There are a number of health tourism companies and medical tourism agencies that mark up their surgeries as well as charge membership fees. We don't. Rather than offering our services in myriad destinations such as Thailand, India, Singapore, Mexico or Costa Rica, Formosa Medical Travel focuses solely on bringing patients to Taiwan. Our patient services include booking your procedure, digitizing and securely transferring your medical records, expediting your medical documents to our network of hospitals, arranging a conference call with your surgeon, filing and transferring all paperwork, assistance in obtaining a passport, help with booking your flight, coordinating your private transportation, VIP concierge service during your trip, providing a mobile phone, offering continuity of care insurance, and 24-hour support from your account manager. All of the details are arranged - from start to finish - and we'll be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive. All at no cost to you.