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Why Taiwan?

A word-class medical tourism destination


Substantial savings


One of the reasons people are traveling to Taiwan for medical treatment abroad is the savings. Taiwan provides world-class healthcare at a fraction of the cost of the United States, and is one of the most inexpensive options in the world for many medical procedures. Both uninsured and underinsured American patients can expect to experience significantly lower costs than the United States - saving more than 75% in many cases.


World class medical care


Anyone who has experienced the medical facilities in Taiwan can attest to their impressive level of service. Both the private sector and the government of Taiwan have, over the past decade, devoted billions of dollars to developing one of the world's most comprehensive healthcare systems.


"The Taiwan Miracle"


Taiwan has a dynamic, capitalist economy that has experienced rapid growth over the past three decades (an average of 8% per annum). Taiwan is on the International Monetary Fund's list of the world's "Advanced Economies," and its per capita GDP is equal to the average of EU countries.


As a result of significant investment in the healthcare system in recent years, the medical equipment used in Taiwan's hospitals is state-of-the art, and in many cases superior to older technology used in the United States. Taiwan has some the world's best-trained surgeons and medical technicians, operating in world-class, modern facilities that equal or surpass the finest hospitals that the United States has to offer.


According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2000 report on healthcare, Taiwan is the second healthiest nation in the world - behind only Sweden. The Taiwanese people have a life expectancy better than that of the United States, due in no small part to their medical system.


Taiwan established its National Health Insurance program in 1995 - a single-payer system which was the first of its kind in the world. The government closely studied the healthcare systems of 10 different countries before finalizing their own. This system, since its inception, has driven down the cost of healthcare across the country, and now has the lowest administrative cost in the world (2%), allowing medical travelers to enjoy some of the lowest prices on the planet, without having to sacrifice quality.

Unlike some other destinations for medical treatment abroad, Taiwan is a highly-developed country - and as such, it is not plagued by many of the problems that can affect travelers to developing countries, such as poor sanitation, political instability, underdeveloped transportation systems, strikes, abject poverty, and crime.


Taiwan is easily accessible from the United States, with airlines offering nonstop flights from many US cities. Air travel and accommodations are very affordable, further reducing the overall cost to medical travelers.

The Taiwanese way


Taiwan has a culture of caring and compassion and its healthcare professionals take great pride in the patient experience. All members of the medical community strongly believe that rapport and understanding with patients is the foundation of good medical care - and as a result, the care provided by hospitals is squarely centered on the patient experience. Friendly, comprehensive service is a cornerstone of Taiwanese healthcare.


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